Posted by: waterandacity | July 25, 2012

Water Planet

Water and a City is part of the academic course “Water Planet” at Ithaca College, New York

It was a great pleasure to have been, once again, a part of the course “Water Planet” conducted by Mara Alper, Associate Professor, Film Studies, Ithaca College, NY, USA

Review by Mara Alper

“What a masterful work! I have watched many documentaries about water issues over the years and several about India, but this is among the best I’ve seen. I especially appreciate the attention to viable solutions. Since I am a documentary maker myself, I appreciate all the incredible hard work that went into this. The songs are brilliant, in both lyric and tune. A great way to convey the problems and solutions. This film is a strong resource for any courses related to water issues, prompting good discussion among students.”